Fruitcake; that exquisite irregular cake used especially for special events like  wedding, anniversary, Christmas or to celebrate something awesome. Some of us do not even bother to wait for anything special before eating or placing an order because we know how exquisitely delicious the cake is and don’t minding it is one of the most expensive cakes to order which makes it even more special.
Fruit cake
Aside from the exquisite delicious taste,this cake can last for several months to a year without refrigerating depending on the recipe and baker,the least time a proper fruit cake last for without refrigerating is three months.
Do you know a fruit cake can last for over 106years? Here is the article I found on a cake group on Facebook called ” The Cake Faculty” Founded and managed by Mrs Itohan Asibor,one of the best and biggest cake baker in Delta state Asaba, (Bluberrycakes).
“106-year-old fruitcake found perfectly preserved in Antarctica.
A 106 years old fruit cake
A fruitcake with its historical roots tracing back to over a century ago has been recently found perfectly preserved in a hut based at Cape Adare, east Antarctica.
Made by British brand Huntley & Palmer, the cake wrapped in its original paper and encased in a tin plated iron alloy box was believed to have been left over by a surviving group of an ill fated expedition to the South Pole between 1910 and 1913 led by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott.
Despite that the tin has begun to deteriorate, the cake still looked and even smelled “almost edible,” according to researchers from the Antarctic Heritage Trust who unearthed the food while excavating the abandoned hut some 2,500 miles from the South Pole.
Lizzie Meek, a manager from the New Zealand based Trust said in a statement that the cake would have been an “ideal high energy food for Antarctic conditions” and is still a favorite item on modern trips to the far south.”


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