1. Pure-honey: who does not like a healthy substitute for sugar? A priceless gift to be remembered almost all year round or when used.

2. chocolates: Do you know chocolates trigger happiness? Do you know chocolate is regarded as food for the gods? So why not give someone a royal treat. And most good chocolates have  shelf life of 6 month.Do you know you could also have your chocolates customized ? Call 08091269999and follow “thechocboy” on instagram or check out www.chocboy.com/placeorder for the best chocolates in Nigeria. It would interest you to know “the chocboy brand” is the first company in Nigeria to make customized chocolates and the chocolates are simply premium and classy.

3. fruit cake: one of the most exquisite cake man has ever created in the history of baking is “Fruit cake”. A good fruit cake is fairly expensive than the average normal sponge/flavored cakes and stay between 6 months to over a year even without refrigerating it. contact a good baker to get yourself one or contact Amanda cakes. call 08031912305 or follow “amandacakes_kitchen” on Instagram to order a fruit cake.

4. Hampers: Hampers! It is like having some of your favorites food items in one basket.You can make hampers special by making them yourself especially if it is for someone special,just get all the stuff the person loves (do you your findings as well if you are not sure of what the person might like). 80 percent of the content in hampers are edible or food related.

5. Wine/champagne: Wine and champagne are just classy gifts, there are just classical. Need I say more?

6.Tea/herbal infusion/coffee: My all time favorite kind of gift. Gift for any season and occasion. Its no news that some people if not most people in the world and in any part of the world can not start their day or go about their day without a cup of tea/herbal infusion/coffee. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone remember you anytime they kick start their day most morning and even evening? Make sure you get good brands of tea/herbal infusion/coffee. You can comment on the post, chat me up through my blog social media handles if you need good suggestions on tea/herbal infusion because that is my area of particular interest

7. Fruits: fruits especially exotic fruits is a delightful gift although different kinds of fruits in one basket is just fine. One can make a basket full of different kind of fruits like a hamper kind of arrangement.


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