I love bell pepper, and I love lots of its, so I try to put it in as much dish as I can ,add it to any food recipe I create where it can fit in well. I love bell pepper so much that, bell pepper was the first food I wrote about on my food and travel blog.

So I could not miss the chance of putting up another detailed article centred more on the nutritional value of bell pepper.

This article is sourced from Swedish Institute college of health science in New York.

Bell Pepper

Did you know that bell peppers have one of the highest nutrient contents of all vegetables? (We were shocked and awed as you).

Here are five surprising facts that will make you think twice before bypassing these guys for carrot sticks on the hummus platter:

Vitamin C Factor

One cup of red bell pepper will give you 200 percent (not a typo) your RDI of vitamin C- that’s double your daily quota of super- V that doubles as an antioxidant,produces white blood cells fights infection and produces collagen.

Skin and Eyes

That same cup will also give you 100percent daily quota of Vitamin A- the anti-aging nutrient that regenerates cells and tissues,smoothes out Winkles and is essential for eyesight. Combine the V-A with the V-C ,you have got a power house for your eyes and a battle hero for your winkles.

Brain Function

Red pepper have high amount of lutein and beta- carotene,which have been proven to fight inflammation and prevent brain cell breakdown. They are also rich source of B6 and folate, both of which are essential for the nervous system to function – so much so that they are a staple for pregnant women to prevent brain defects in newborns.

Antioxidant power house

Talk about a remarkable mix of phytonutrients. Herperidin has shown to protect our bodies from damage caused by UV rays ,air pollution and tobacco smoke. Quercetin aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs ,while serving double- duty as an anti- inflammatory. And research has linked kaempferol to lower risk of heart disease ,diabetes,arthritis and even certain cancers.

Sweet Versatility

Those beauties add a kick to your salad and taste fantastic grilled or roasted. They retain most of their fruity flavor and flavonoid content when cooked for a short period- thus,blanching a great way to cook them, so they are not raw but still retain their nutrient profile.

Team Red

Note: the highest concentration of these antioxidant and nutrients are found in the red variety. Green pepper are actually just unripe red pepper hence,the bitter after-taste.

Welcome to the new bell-es of the ball

Full article credit belongs to Swedish Institute college of health science in New York.

Photos sourced online by Sophyfoodblog

Instagram : @swedishinstitutenyc.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information.

    We need to have more red bell pepper farmed and be made available at an affordable price to impact more on our health.


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