Bell Pepper
Bell pepper are usually those pepper that are big in size.It’s the biggest size pepper in the family pepper group.Sometimes I want to think it is called “Bell pepper” because of its size.

Bell pepper are also known as sweet pepper in some part of the world which is not surprising because of the rich sweetness it has especially when it’s fully ripe;when it is very red or yellow.
Bell pepper is rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A.Also bell pepper has high antioxidant especially when ripe. The red colouring in bell-pepper contain “beta-cartene

Bell Pepper appear in different colours like purple,brown,white,green, and red which is the most common type of bell pepper.
Although it bears the name “pepper”, bell-pepper is not as hot as the other types of pepper.

The reddish bell-pepper makes any dish you prepare;soups,strew or jollof-rice appear more reddish in colour. So just incase you might want to add more reddish colour or make your dish appear naturally red,you could add bell pepper to your recipe.
And do you know the rich taste of bell pepper comes really spicy and sweet when it’s diced or the recipe of the food requires it to be sliced.

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