Hi Everyone, I would like to share a few travel Money making/Saving hacks here from my personal experience: Do you know that you can get paid for flight delays over 4 hours? On the 29th of September, Turkish airline delayed my flight by 33 hours. Even though they accommodated us in a 4 star hotel and took "care" of us, I...
Avocado; Nine ways to eat Avocado
We are in the month of March and avocado seem to be in season and would be in season for a while; meaning,  one would see it a lot in the market and at a cheaper cost. Avocado is loaded with lots of nutrients including fatty acids,the fats in avocado are healthy fats that are loaded with benefits including for...
Hello Guys! So just a while back, I visited the Worlds Oldest  restaurant; Restaurante Sobrino De Botin (Guinness World book of records holder)and they have a cellar with Wines stored from as far back as the 18th century!! Somehow this place has been in existence even before the 18th Century! Every 50 years, the wine corks are removed and replaced with new...


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My Top 6 favorite tea for 2019

The year 2019 is almost over,another year ending yet again ,like 2019 is coming to an end,wow. Was it not just yesterday I wrote...
Shrimp fiesta

Shrimp fiesta

Black seed

The power of black seed

Tea Moments!