Pure-honey: who does not like a healthy substitute for sugar? A priceless gift to be remembered almost all year round or when used. 2. chocolates: Do you know chocolates trigger happiness? Do you know chocolate is regarded as food for the gods? So why not give someone a royal treat. And most good chocolates haveĀ  shelf life of 6...
FourĀ  strawberries Half halve of watermelon Half of one red apple 250 gram of water. Dice all into little bits , add in your water and blend. Add your iced cubes or keep in the fridge for a while to get cold and then serve
  So, star Tennis player "Serena Williams" got married to Billionaire Reddit Co-owner "Alexis Ohanian" over the weekend in Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. I mean in an Arts Center,one of the most terrific wedding news I have heard in recent times,partially because I am a great lover of Arts and literature. It would interest you to know that Serena Williams...
Sophy's Blog Spicy Pepper soup
Recipes Fresh catfish Grinded ehu seeds and crayfish Crushed ginger Grinded Cameroon pepper Grinded onions Lemon grass Scent leaves Salt Cubes of seasoning Few table spoons of sunflower oil Water Method 1.Clean your catfish properly and pour boiling water over it to make it more clean and firm for cooking. 2.Put your catfish in a pot of water 3.Add your grinded onions,crushed ginger,Cameroon pepper,grinded ehu seeds and crayfish all at once to the pot...


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My Top 6 favorite tea for 2019

The year 2019 is almost over,another year ending yet again ,like 2019 is coming to an end,wow. Was it not just yesterday I wrote...
Shrimp fiesta

Shrimp fiesta

Black seed

The power of black seed

Tea Moments!