We know how rough it can be for some women during menstrual  flow, fortunately  I do not fall into that category except for some little discomfort especially  when I am really stressed and that’s when you start to see a lot of pimples on my face.

Well, I would be giving some food tips on how have less discomfort  if possible.  Truthfully,this might help  some women and it might not help some, at the end of the day, you need to study your body system, pay attention  to what works for you and what works against you.  For instance  I know a friend who has to take a lot of sugary stuff particularly  bottles of coke to avoid pains during her menstrual flow;  weird right?  I found it strange too but it works  for her.


Caffeine: when having your menstrual flow, it is best to avoid food and drinks with high caffeine content, avoid too much coffee, too much black tea and as well as carbonated drinks.


Ginger :Ginger tea, and I mean ginger tea in tea bags or the one freshly made by you not ginger drinks in powder or liquid form particularly  the  ones, that contain a lot of sugar or sweetening ingredients.


Dark chocolates: I do not know what it is about dark chocolates and pure hot cocoa powder drink but it just tends to make one feel better, maybe its the Magnesium in it. To read more, click here.
Iron meals
Blood  tonic: During a lady’s menstrual flow,sometimes ,a lot of iron gets lost through the blood that flows out of the lady’s system. Sometimes you notice yourself getting weak or feeling really really weak after the end of your menstrual flow,which was something I experienced myself few months back.
Try as as much as possible to subscribe to taking blood tonic and meals rich in iron like unripe plantains,green vegetables and bananas; bananas have vitamins and mineral that actually help one feel energized.
Camomile tea: Camomile tea is a tea that really helps to calm the nerves,its a relaxant tea,it’s also a  sleep induced tea,so you might want to take the tea to feel better during your menstrual period. To view a detailed post on camomile herbal infusion, go this blog post by clicking here.
Rose tea is another great tea that helps discomfort  during menstrual flow.


I hope all these tips helps with menstrual flow especially the discomfort that comes with it at times. Please I would do appreciate it you can your own tips that makes your menstrual flow better on the comment section or give me a feedback of the article I wrote on it.  Merci boucoup!


  1. Sophie sha likes chocolate and tea… Beautiful write-up dearie… For me though, I’ve never had to battle with serious menstrual cramps but I’ve had a few ‘semi-serious’ ones, lol, and I’ve observed that taking hot things (even if it’s just water) and staying away from cold drinks help a lot.


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