Igarra is located in the northern part of Edo state and is better known as Igarra- Akoko-Edo. Igarra is the headquarters of Akoko-Edo local government. The town is made of Ugbogbo,Utua and offe quarters.

Igarra . Akoko-Edo. Photo Credit Omoregie Osakpolor

The people of Igarra speak a dialect called “Etuno”, a language similar to the Ebirra language in Kogi state. Igarra are the only people that speak the Etuno language in the whole local government and Edo state.

Igarra Beautiful Terrain .Photo Credit: Omoregie_Osakpolor

Igarra is a very beautiful town because it is made up of rocky terrain,rocks are scattered all over the town and it is surrounded by the kukuruku Hills and massive rocks of the kukuruku hills.

One major thing I love most about the Igarra people from my research is their togetherness and respect for the family unit,as well as respect for their land which has made them to create activities and festival around that line. My thoughts might be wrong though.

The major occupation of the people is farming.

Some of the names people bear in Igarra are Oveze- it shall be well. Ofuje-Happiness. Ometere- The one who does it well. Omoiza- The one that does good.

Photo credit : Omoregie Osakpolor

One major festival celebrated in Igarra is the “Ana festival”.

Aba festival is a festival celebrated every six or seven years depending on the native calendar although it falls on seven years most times.

One of the high points of the festival is the “Aba drum” which is only brought out during the festival which usually takes place in August.

The drum was seized from the “Anafuad” who were dwarfs and initial settlers of the land around 228 years ago by hunters of Igarra.

During the festival, a lot of colourful masquerades come out to display.

Another reason for the Aba festival is the age grade system and initiation from one age grade to another especially initiation into the Elders council.



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