Agriculture which is the science/act of growing of plants and animals can not be over-emphasised especially on its impacts on children. Aside from it been a productive activity to while away time and have fun(oh yes,there is plenty fun in agriculture), it gives children a sense fulfillment and accomplishment especially when the results of such productivity are seen like harvest time or seeing a plant or animal mature which in turn affects their over all mental and emotional health positively.

This is one way children can also start making money early in life and also learn the act of business management by selling produce they cultivate or making something out of what they cultivated to sell. Let’s not forget the benefits of eating fresh food.

It also gives children an early option in a career path in agriculture,and when a child finds out he or she has great passion for agriculture,it is more amazing when they start out early and know what they want or part of what they want because I believe one can have more than one career path,there should not be limitation to what a person or child should do or can do.

At the end of the day, everyone eats food and there are many aspects to agricultural career path other than farming or been a farmer like been a producer of finished products,been a manufacturer, agricultural engineer, agricultural scientist,Veterinary doctor,animal nutritionist,agricultural consultant among many other career in agriculture.

There are also many beautiful sides to agriculture which are often over-looked like horticulture which deals with small scale gardening which are usually in enclosed gardens and most plants grown in horticulture are vegetables,flowers and fruits. Basacially horticulture mostly deals with the emotional and mental health of people, nothing like having beautiful flowers/plants/trees all around you or in an environment/place especially when the flowers/plants are aromatheraptic.

These are part of the factors that informed the decision of the team of Lasgidi Green Festival to focus also on children in regards to agriculture hence the ”Kidies Agro Exhibition” under Lasgidi green festival. Before the festival which is taking place on the 27th and 28th of April 2019, at centre for management Development(CMD),magodo lagos state,children and as well as children in different schools will be taught simple and beautiful ways to practise home gardening in this modern age, values and benefits of agriculture,career paths in agriculture.

On the days of the event, children will be encouraged to display various agricultural products and stuff related to agriculture. There will be lots of games and fun for the kiddies,agricultural talks,display of agricultural products they can learn about,food and drinks to see and eat from especially our indigenous food. This is an event for both parents,children,schools and everyone interested in agricuture,mark your calender for this.

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