Chocolate; that food that excites an average man or woman on earth. That food that is almost musical in the mouth because of the feel and taste. Let’s not forget the smell of chocolate.

Chocolate  is naturally bitter-sweet and typically  sweet. And chocolate  is one food with loads of healthy benefits especially when it’s dark and no or minimal sugar has been added to it.
Chocolate  is a plant based food derived from cocoa beans, found from the pod-like fruits of cacao. The cacao tree which is better known scientifically as “Theobroma cacao”. It would interest you to that “Theobroma cacao” means “food of the God” or literary “God’s food”.
Cocoa tree is native to central and south-America. The first traces and uses of chocolate  was in Maya and Aztec  Empire which is present day Mexico. The people of Maya and Aztec so valued the cocoa seed, that it also served to the gods and was jealously  guarded by the kings.
Yes chocolate  is worth classifying as God’s food in the real sense of the world especially  when we look at the benefits in the chocolate talk series.
       Forms of chocolates
1. Cocoa butter which is also known as theobroma oil is an aromatic solid butter pressed from roasted seeds of the cacao tree that gives smooth luxious feel to dry skin.  Cocoa butter is also used to manufacture  chocolate. It is widely used in cosmetic products such as moisturizing body creams and soaps.
2.  Cocoa powder can be found in almost any type of food stuff made with chocolate. For instance,chocolate bars and chocolate  sweet itself,  chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream,chocolate cake,chocolate cream, chocolate  spread and sauce. Cocoa powder  is gotten from the cocoa beans that grow in pods on the cacao tree. The beans are usually fermented,dried,roasted and grounded to a smooth powder called cocoa powder after the shell has been removed from the seed of course.
3. Cocoa liquor: cocoa liquor is used with other ingredients  to produce chocolate bars and other confectionery  products.


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