I am tempted to call this the fourth-combo or power packed energising smoothie,(lol).
I had some left over of fruits from the pineapple​ and avocado smoothie I made a while back,and I got a bit bored of taking pineapple avocado smoothie, so I decided to spice it up by adding bananas and ginger to the mix. Did it turn out well? Believe me, it more than turned out well with added benefits and nutrients,making one feeling more full and energised.

If you have an headache or you feel stressed or you need something to naturally make you feel energised,try to take bananas,it works a great deal for me,so I am talking from a personal angle.
Ginger, aside it’s many benefits, helps to burn all kinds of fats including stomach fat, and hey it leaves you feeling gingered (lol).
To read about the benefit of pineapple and avocado go to our previous article on pineapple avocado smoothie.
Combine all these together,hmmmmmmm,I feel health zoned.

2 bananas
Half avocado
1 slice of pineapple
1 tube of ginger root
250ml of water or more.

Peel the skin off your ginger, and cut ginger into bits. Dice your fruits. Put your ginger cuts and diced fruit in a smoothie maker​ or blender and bring to a smooth blend.



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