Pineapple avocado smoothie


1.One avocado
2.Half of a medium size pineapple
3.250ml of cold water or ice.


1.Seperate the avocado flesh from the skin and seed,put the flesh in a smoothie maker
2. Peel half of the medium size pineapple and dice into bit
3. Put the diced pineapple and avocado flesh in a smoothie blender,add a about 250ml of water as you desire and blend till very smooth.

    • pineapple and avocado fruit

The taste of this smoothie is very exquisite,because of the rich texture of avocado, it gives a velvet feel in the mouth.
Yes,you might most likely have heard that avocado is high fat but truth is that these fats are good for you because they are monounsaturated fats and fats that help the easy absorption of other fats. Again we need fats but good fat for a balanced healthy being. Avocado is packed with a lot of vitamins like‚Äč K,E,C,B-Vitamin, potassium and even has more potassium content than banana. It has high high fibre content in form of carbohydrates.

Aside from its sweet taste,the sweet rich taste betrays the fact that it’s a a fat burning and stomach toning fruit, please do not go over dozing on it because almost every food requires moderation. Pineapple contains a compound called “Bromelain” which has lots of advantages to the body like digestive functions,and anti-flammatory among other health advantages of this compound.

This smoothie is particularly good for people that are on a weight loss journey partially because it helps to reduce craving for food and makes you get less hungry quickly. In terms of reduction in one’s crave for food and ability to less likely get hungry quickly,I can personally testify to that.


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