Wikki warm spring is located at the 2,244 square kilometers Yankari game reserve in the Northeastern state of Bauchi, Nigeria, which is the biggest game reserve in Nigeria.

Yusuf Maina & friend at Wikki warm spring entrance

Simply standing by, or swimming in the Wikki warm spring, it appears ordinary except for the warmth inherent in it (constant temperature of 31.1 degrees Celsius).


At first glance, the Wikki spring easily passes for an artificially established swimming pool, where the water is frequently replaced as it being polluted. In reality though, this spring is the work of nature devoid of human plan.


Far deeper underground, beneath Nigeria’s famous game reserve, flows an invisible and inexhaustible source of pleasure and good health.


The therapeutic nature of this famous spring is now world acclaimed.

Exploring the cave beneath the rather tail cliff where the warm spring gushes out, the cave divers of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, observes that there is much concerning Wikki spring yet to be explored.

The cave divers discovered it is possible for individuals gain entry into the Wikki cave and feel the water torrent gushing at break neck speed. The explorers concluded among other things that:

  1. The Wikki warm spring flows from beneath deep layers of earth’s crust from as far away as the Plateau region of Nigeria.
  2. Cleanliness of Wiki water is unsurpassed by any other spring water in Nigeria. This claim is supported by chemical analysis of the water samples.
  3. The water in it is natural endowment.
  4. A distance of at least 9 meters from within the wiki cave.
  5. The cave is embedded with a very clear sandstone.
  6. Wiki cave is devoid of any living beings such as crab, reptiles, fish etc.

This the report of the Warri cave divers who explored the Wikki cave in 1986.

Take a trip to Wikki warm springs and have a good swim in a beautiful work of nature.


NOTE: The above information are from various source and the jotting I did during my visit at Yankari game reserve. – Yusuf Maina.


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