2020 was a year really! It was indeed a year, not such a happy year with world event like Covid19 which affected everyday life & numerous life that was lost to it. Been locked down in a confine space for a while. Some of us had to key in to the one thing that make us happy either when we are in or out, the one thing thing that gives us sanity either cold or hot “TEA”, what I like to call ” Love in a Teacup”, which I decided to title for my first book that was published in March.


There are hundreds & hundreds of amazing tea in the world, tea brands from all over the world doing well to give you an amazing tea experience. I drank some of those amazing tea all through the year but a few I just had to take almost every week during 2020.

1. Ahmad Decaffeinated Tea; the smell & taste was everything for me. I love black tea & one of my favorite blend of black tea is Earl Grey Tea, so the idea I could take a cup of Earl Grey Tea anytime of the day ,even in the middle of the night was awesome for me,I made sure never to run out of this tea through out 2020.

A Cup of Ahmad Decaffeinated Tea

2. White Tea; Lipton white tea,Clipper white tea & Taylor of Harrogate white tea  were top of my white tea consumption among the numerous white tea options in 2020. White tea has a distinct subtle taste & feel to it, it is not overbearing when brewed right but aside from that, white tea became a necessity because this is one of the teas that greatly aid weight loss. To keep a bit of sanity during the lock down of the first wave of Covid19, some of us ate more junks.


3. Twinings Superblends Glow Tea; this blend of strawberry & cucumber with green tea & aloe vera was it for me because of my sweet tooth & love for almost everything sweet. Twinings glow tea has a sweet note & it contains +biotin which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin & hair.

A Cup of Twinings Glow Tea

4. Tea Orb’s Lemon grass & Lemon Tea; this herbal infusion blend was created by Tea Orb in 2020 to meet part of the VitaminC intake in a cup of tea, this was greatly inspired by Covid19. This tea doesn’t only contain Vitamin C,it helps with the immune system & general body system. This lemon grass & lemon tea greatly helps with to induce a good mood & reduce tension, one of the downside covid19 caused was anxiety & depression which is quite understandable. This blend of Lemon grass & lemon is also good for skin health. The taste & aroma of this tea is so terrific,because of the organic/natural ingredients used, you  still feel the zesty lemon taste after a cup.

Tea Orb’s Lemon grass & Lemon Tea

5. Tetley Super Fruits,Immune with VitaminC; either it was the lemon & ginger or Orange and peach, there were my favorite Tetley teas for 2020.

Tetley Super Fruits,Immune with VitaminC,lemon & ginger

6. Peppermint Tea; I tried over 10 different type of peppermint tea brands in 2020, part of which includes Ty-phoo, Twinings, Loud,stash, Celestial Seasoning & even some made in Nigeria tea that was really so nice. My love for peppermint tea is an all year,every year kind of thing & 2020 was no different,my love for it got bigger in 2020.  Open the link below to read a detailed article I wrote on peppermint tea PEPPERMINT TEA /

Peppermint tea been served with peppermint leaves in it

7. Rooibos/ Red bush Tea ; What’s there not to love about rooibos tea? Particularly the ones with added flavor.

8. Pu-erh Tea

9. Lipton Warm me up ; I love spice particularly hot spice. This is tea is like having a very subtle version of Chai tea. Lipton warm me up is a blend of orange peel, cardamom, ginger, clove & cinnamon.

Lipton Warm Me Up; orange peel,cardamon, clove,ginger & cinnamon

10. Moringa Tea 

Truthfully, this list should be more than 10 but I decided to stop at 10. I might be tempted to update this article to make it more than 10  because there also few teas not mentioned here I couldn’t get enough of.

To view my 2019 top favorite teas ,open this link My Top Favorite Tea For 2019/

To follow my tea journey for 2021,join my facebook tea ground by searching for The Tea Orb group on Facebook or follow my Instagram business page @The Tea Orb








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