You might just find yourself unexpectedly beaten by the rain during a rainy season or it might just happen to suddenly rain in a season it is not suppose to and you are caught in it, it does happen. Here are five things to do when this happens.

1. When you get into the reach of your home,step into your home immediately ,don’t allow yourself to be distracted by neighbours wanting to have a conversation at point, the need to pick phone calls or whatever it is, your wet cloths need to be taken off from you as fast as you can and immediately ,the more you stay in your wet cloths, the easier it is for your respiratory and immune system to be affected negatively.

2. Have a warm bath.

3. Have a warm cup of decaffeinated Tea or herbal infusion or hot chocolate drink, resist takingĀ  anything that is caffeinated especially if it is highly caffeinated because a good sleep is very important after been exposed to rain downfall.

A warm cup of tea

4. Eat something warm and spicy, food containing pepper & ginger will do you a lot of good, it would be better if the food contains as much spice or herbs as possible.

5. Take Vitamin C or teas containing vitamin C or just be sure to take lots of oranges or any citrus fruits, that would help greatly.

Orange slices

6. Finally, make sure you stay in a warm environment, and you wear cloths that would keep you warm,don’t expose yourself to a blowing fan or air condition, it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel cold at that point in time, just keep yourself warm.

Fresh pepper


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