I wrote this poem that can be viewed as a world tourism poem on world tourism day,2018, ” A little mind journey ” while I was lost in thoughts while enjoying a good cup of tea some days back, the poem is infused with tourism from a bit of a food perspective. 

A Little Mind Journey 

I write as I sip a cup of raspberry flavored black tea,transporting myself to the land of China where I take a walk along the Great walls of China.

Now I find myself in the spicy land of India, as I try to pick out the many types of spices hitting my nose.

I find myself yet again in an English breakfast Inn in Britain with a plate of roast chicken sandwich.
Can I have a brunch of waffle topped with strawberries in an American ferry taking me to see the statue of liberty in New York, of course not the replica in France,talking of France; “j’aime la France”,the Efffel Tower comes into vision, oh, shall we talk about the palace of Versailles, it’s rich history in regards to democratic revolution as we sip a glass of red wine.
Breakfast with waffles
Where would my lunch be eaten? Probably in West Africa, the land of colours and sound, a place where the earth meets the sun, where the mountains are scattered across the earth like chocolate toppings scattered on a bowl of ice cream. I think a walk at Kakum national park might be necessary after eating a hot steamy bowl of egusi and pounded yam in Osogbo close to the Osun Osogbo sacred Groove.

I will have my siesta in Toledo’s old city in Spain.

Tell me where to have my my supper or dinner, in the great Towers of Babylon or great buildings in Athens or in Ethiopia?

A German chocolate cake will be lovely for dessert.

Happy World Tourism day.
Poem written by Sophia Jerome, a poet & author of Love in a Teacup.


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