Fonio grain popularly referred to in Nigeria as Acha or hungry rice, is a grain that is very popular and grown in the northern and middle belt of Nigeria. This grain comes in two forms the white Acha and the millet Acha or brown Acha or we can say the white fonio and the fonio millet.
Acha is healthy for the whole household but what gives it it’s popularity is the health benefits it offers diabetic patients as it is rich in insulin which helps in controlling sugar level. It has very high protein content, so if you’re on the part to loose some weight this is excellent for you. Acha also contains nutrients that aid iron metabolism which is very helpful for pregnant and lactating women, used as weaning food for babies, it strengthens hair, nails and detoxifies the skin. It aids digestion so basically it prevents constipation and stimulates appetite.
This acha is loved because it is very easy to prepare, in less than 10minutes and it’s ready to be consume and it is one food ingredient that you can creatively play around with in your kitchen.
The major set back of this grain is that the washing process takes time because you will have to ensure that it is free from sand and stone, because of how tiny the grains are, the washing is quite difficult.

Acha can be served in different forms:
* as a pudding: very lovely and can be served with bread, akara, fried yam, potatoes or plantain, with fruits or just taken alone, basically anything that suits your interest.
* as a jollof, often times this ends up looking like couscous and is always very tasty.
* stir fry, with the perfect vegetables you can do wonders with this.
* can be served plain with any sauce of choice.
* As a pottage
* As swallow with any soup of interest.
So when next you visit the market try to get Acha and try one of this at home. It is healthy and yummy.

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