1. 5 big size leaves of  Aloe-Vera plant.
2. 200- 250ml of Orange juice; home made or store bought orange juice depending on which is readily available.
3. Dates; make sure the seeds are removed from the fruits especially if it is the dried dates and it should be  soaked for some time that’s if it is the dried dates.
4. Diced pineapple
5. Diced watermelon
5. One table of spoon of honey
* Extract the gel from aloe-vera
* Put the gel in a blender/ smoothie maker
* Pour in your orange juice
* Add in your diced pineapple and watermelon
* Add your table spoon of honey
* Bring everything to a smooth mix
* store in the fridge for some hours to serve cold that if fruit juice and fruits were not cold even before been made
This makes about two glasses of the aloe- vera based smoothie drink. Q
Note: This should be taken for two days not at once in a day,or any day within three days  after the first glass of this smoothie is taken


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