It is in the international news now that pranksters have been inserting needles and pins into strawberries. Needles have been found in several packs of strawberries in New South Wales,Australia, particularly products from a supplier in Northern state of Queensland.

This prank is a joke taken too far in my honest opinion because of the adverse effect it is having already, like endangering lives; some people have reportedly been taken to the hospital although no loss of live have been recorded over this.

It is has also been reported that fruit sales have plunged in the country as consumers are wary of strawberries and other fruits like apples because there is a copycat of the strawberry needle prank beginning to happen to apples as well, as few cases of needles in apple has been reported.

The Australian government is trying to get the legislation through Parliament to ratchet up the maximum penalties for these food terrorist from 10- 15 years and the New South Wales is offering rewards to people who can get offenders in order to end the fruit prank.

Vice president of the Queensland strawberry growers Association ,Adrian Schulz, said “what started with a single act of commercial terrorism has now brought a multimillion dollar industry to it’s knees,with jobs beyond the growers now likely to be lost”, ” I am angry for all the associated people ,its the farmer ,the people who supply them, the packaging people ,the trucks with families to support ,who suddenly lose their jobs ,it is far-reaching ” he told ABC radio in air.


CNN news



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