We are in the month of March and avocado seem to be in season and would be in season for a while; meaning,  one would see it a lot in the market and at a cheaper cost.

Sophyfoodblog Avocado; Nine ways to eat avocado
Avocado; Nine ways to eat avocado

Avocado is loaded with lots of nutrients including fatty acids,the fats in avocado are healthy fats that are loaded with benefits including for those watching their weight. Avocado also helps with anti-cancer.

Nine ways to eat Avocado

1. In sandwich,because of its creamy texture and taste-feel. One can replace butter,mayonnaise and the likes with avocado.

2. With toast, it can serve as cream for toast.
3. Smoothies; avocado can be combined with other fruits to serve as smoothie,the creamy texture will make any smoothie made out of it to have a velvet taste and feel.

4. Juice it. Make a juice out of it. You can make it sweet by adding honey or dates to the mix when juicing it.

5. Salads; Avocado are great add for salads either fruit or vegetable salads but it comes out even better with vegetable salad.

6. Great supplement for eating rice, add it to your already served plate of rice with strew or sauce and eat together.

7. Add it to your ingredients for stir-fry vegetable sauce or strew sauce.

8. And of course, it can just be eaten simply as fruit.

9. Avocado are so nice when eaten with roasted corn, boiled corn or corn meal.  It’s usually nicer when the avocado is very soft.

It is also important to note that the oil in avocado strengthens the skin while hydrating it.

Open this link to view Avocado oil recipe for skin; Avocado oil recipe for ageless skin


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