So many essential oils to choose from depending on the reason for your usage. If you just want a flawless ageless and firm skin, avocado oil, either essential or infused tops the chat.

Avocado oil helps in nourishing the skin because of the many nutrients it contains which includes vitamin D, to vitamin C,vitamin E,protein, lecithin,carotene and as well as fatty acids. These nutrients help in healing the skin,making it firmer and reducing wrinkles which makes the skin retain its youthful look or restore some youthfulness in the skin particularly for people advancing in age. Many medical research online also states that the combination of nutrients from Avocado makes it easier for the skin to absorb such nutrient.

Avocado cream recipe

Avocado essential oil (not infused)

Shea butter

Coconut essential oil (optional)

Mix avocado essential oil with Shea butter and use as body cream. One can add little coconut essential oil to the mix, if you are adding coconut essential oil it should be very little or minimal, remember avocado is the most important ingredient for a flawless ageless skin.

Some avocado essential oil can be used directly on the skin without mixing it like the one I use sometimes, just make sure to do a pact on your hand test to see your skin reaction to it.

So how do I know avocado oil works well for a ageless skin? Awhile back my dad was complaining of wrinkles on his hand, I gave him some avocado oil to add to the Shea butter he uses and use on his skin. Few weeks later I asked about the wrinkles he complained about and he told me it had reduced and his hand was much better.


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