Soy sauce (you can combine this with oyster sauce if you have it),
Vegetables (Carrot, green peas, green pepper etc),
Ground ginger,
Garlic cloves (it’s not Chinese rice without the garlic),
Oil (olive oil is preferable but if that’s not available you can use vegetables oil),
Bullion cube (knorr),
Salt to taste.
Boil the meat, when boiled allow to cool before dicing to pieces.
Parboil rice, drain and set aside.
Dice your vegetables and onions (I cooked this at home hence the onions [I hate onions]).
In a frying pan pour a little oil, whisk eggs and fry (the number of eggs used depends on how many cups of rice you’re cooking. I cooked 4 and a half cups and used 3 eggs).
When the eggs are fried lightly on each side (don’t let the eggs turn brown), remove from the frying pan unto a chopping board ad dice (you can cut it anyhow you want just as long as the eggs are in small pieces).
In your pot put a little oil, pour in the meat and onions. Allow to fry for about 2 minutes before pouring in the vegetables, ground ginger (I used 1 tablespoon), diced garlic (I used 4 medium sized garlic cloves).
Pour in soy sauce (I used 4 cooking spoonful. If you’re using oyster sauce too put in equal proportion. If I had oyster sauce I would used 2 cooking spoonful of soy sauce and 2 cooking spoonful of oyster sauce).
Fry the mixture for a while, mixing continuously.
When fried, pour in the meat broth, (pour in water if needed) add knorr and salt to taste.
Bring to a boil then pour in the rice.
Mix till all the sauce has mixed with the rice.
Sprinkle a little sugar (about 1 teaspoon) on top and add diced eggs. Mix thoroughly.
Cover and allow to cook.

Full credit of this article published belongs to Olaleye Jesusikemi. A Physiotherapy student in college of medicine,university of Lagos. She loves to cook and cooks amazing meals. To follow up on her, add her up through her twitter handle.
Twitter handle: sister_sike



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