Coconut fried rice is one easy and super delicious meal to prepare. There isn’t much difference to cooking coconut fried rice as all you need do is add either coconut shavings or the milk.
Coconut milk – 3 cups
Water- 2 cups

Rice-5 cups.

Seasoning cubes – 4 cubes (I prefer using knorr)


Curry-1 Tea spoon

Oil- 5 Tablespoons
Onion (chopped) – 2 medium
Mixed vegetables (which includes carrots, green peas, spring onions and sweet corn)
Shrimps (optional) – 3 cups
Note: If you noticed, I didn’t include pepper, bay leaves and thyme as I already added them to the chicken or turkey stock. Adding dry pepper directly have been known to change the color of the rice which isn’t very good.
* First thing you ought to do, take out the coconut from the shell and soak it in water for 30-45mins
*After which you blend smoothly and sieve it, setting your milk aside in a bowl.
*Place a pot on medium heat, add in the coconut milk, water, salt, curry, bay leaves and 2 knorr cubes.
*Cover the pot until the mixture starts boiling.
*Add in the washed rice.
*Cook on medium heat until rice is cooked and there is no more water in the rice.
*Set aside to cool completely.
*In a frying pan, heat up the oil.
*Add in the chopped onions, shrimps, 2 knorr cubes and mixed vegetable.
*Stir for 3-5 minute on low heat.
*Pour your fried vegetables into the cooked rice.
*Mix thoroughly, cover the pot and allow to cook for another 5min on low heat.

*Food is ready!!!

🍴 😁
©️Chef Tee
Tony Nnando is a Chef and grills man who works in Movenpick Ambassadorial Hotel in Accra.

He started cooking as early as 9years old. He currently covers social events like weddings, birthday parties and other social gatherings except burials.

His hobbies includes cooking, watching cooking videos, playing FIFA, and swimming.


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