Corned beef
Shredded chicken
White onions
Ginger and garlic powder
Chicken seasoning
White pepper or black pepper (any kind of powdered papper ,you want to use really.

Slice the white onions. Heat up oil in a pot. Fry the white onions in the heated  oil for a while until some of the onions are a little brown.
Add your  shredded chicken to the hot oil with your onions.
Add in your corned beef.
Add your salt, white pepper,chicken seasoning to the mix and it cook for some minutes.
After its cooked for some minutes, add your eggs that is already beaten together with a little salt. Let everything fry up till well cooked.
Corned beef egg sauce served with fried plantain
Note: the eggs should not be more than the corned beef, rather make the corned beef ,eggs and shredded chicken balanced or just make the corn beef a little more than the rest ingredients.


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