There are over 30 types of Oregano plant but today the focus us on Cuban Oregano plant which is part of the mint family.

Cuban oregano plant has a strong aromatic scents with fuzzy leaves. It is popularly used for spicing food & pastries in Western Europe particularly the Mediterranean dishes.

It grows all year round but particularly strives better in a sunny/dry season because it loves plenty sunlight,just make sure it gets enough water supply in a sunny/dry season. It grows in any type of soil including sandy or clay soil. It is important to grow it in a space it can spread out because it likes to spread.

Cuban Oregano has been used as a medicinal plant dating back to many centuries particularly by the Indians where it is claimed to have originated from or discovered from (Indian).

There are many health benefits of Cuban Oregano plants ; respiratory health, antiviral benefits, throat infection, constipation, aids stimulation of lactation, rheumatism ,skin care and great antioxidant.

Cuban Oregano is also said by nutritionist to contain vitamin C and A, as well Omega 6.

It taste strong minty with a subtle bitter-sweet taste that is quite enjoyable.

It is sometimes used for Tea Orb lemongrass & mint tea mix.


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