Do you know one of the remote reasons that lead to the French revolution was because the Queen of France then gave the masses who came to protest at the palace cake instead of bread,this angered the masses the more which intensified the revolution/protest. Here is a little history on that.



So from 1789- 1799, there was a revolution in France and one of the main reason for that was the social inequality in France and the mismanagement/misrule of King Louis XVI; over time, peasants were asked to pay more and more taxes while the nobles were given immunity despite the famine that affected France before 1789 which widen the gap between the rich and poor, also the experience of previous famine in the land constantly put the masses on the edge and afraid of it happening, hence the women’s match on Versailles in October 1989 where they went to demand for assurance that they would get one meal and that bread would be in abundance at an affordable price and as an appeasement according to some history professors and history book,the queen offered cake which was seen luxury to the protesters ,what was suppose to calm the protesters turned to heighten the situation because they felt they could not yet get enough bread yet there was abundance of cake in the King’s palace.

A slice of cake

So you see therefore how important cake is to the history of the world? Because the revolution of France lead to the revolution and Democratic independence in other parts of Europe.

So you see,you do not need a special occasion to eat cakes; just cake it. And who says you can not eat your cake and have it?


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