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Ginger Spice For Immune Boosting

Ginger Spice For Immune Boosting

We know GINGER is probably a common spice or herb but do you take enough of it? Do you also know ginger is a great immune booster?

The need to boost one’s immune system this period cannot be overemphasized.
Ginger are great source of antioxidant, and antioxidant helps to fight free radical in the body against an attack to the immune system, respiratory system and disease/infection.

Ginger roots

One of the most important system is the respiratory system because it is where breathing takes place which is what keeps us alive, so basically the immune system helps in preventing whatever would cause damage to the respiratory system or ward off attack to the respiratory system which is connected to other system and organs in the body.


The good thing is, ginger is an all round spice, you can take ginger in it’s raw form, as Tea , to cook various meals; it even makes meals taste better, in your smoothie ,juice & pastries. Be sure that you mostly take natural ginger against the ginger flavoring.

A cup of ginger tea and Fresh ginger root on rustic wooden background

Ginger is also one of remedies for cold flu,fever ,stomach upset,among other healthy related issues.


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