Green smoothie

Green smoothie is a blend of lettuce, cucumber, spinach (green) and one lemon extract.

5/6 leafs of lettuce
1 small size of cucumber or half a big cucumber
One small bunch of spinach or about 10 to 15 leafs of spinach
One lemon

Put your lecttuce and spinach leafs,sliced cucumber,water in smoothie blender and blend till very smooth.
Squeeze in the lemon juice into the mixture and pour into your cup/cups/bottle.

1. Helps with detoxification
2. Helps with stomach reduction
3. Helps with hydration
4. Helps with enhancement of the skin
5. Boost the immune system and helps with blood circulation

The green colour that gives most leafs its appearance is caused by a green pigment called “Chlorophyll”,the pigment aids in removing toxins in the body especially when vegetables/plants are taken in its raw form e.g without​ cooking;undergoing boiling,frying or streaming, usually plants lose some it’s value or nutrients​ when cooked.So when it’s made into a smoothie,be sure to get its full value.
Chlorophyll makes plant provide oxygen to tissues in th e blood.
Spinach is particularly high in vitamins C and K,and helps with stomach reduction,stomach functions and liver functions.
Cucumber helps with hydration because of its high water content. Cucumber also helps with stomach reduction.Lettuce also helps with hydration.
The main reason why I added the lemon extract was actually to give it a great taste and flavour. And it sure did,it alosmt felt like I was taking lemonade. But again lemon is packed with lots of vitamin C and vitamin C are particularly great for the skin especially in terms of brightening the skin. Vitamin C also boost the immune system and it also alkalinize and cleanse the liver.This smoothie particular help with boosting the immune system because of the high vitamin C content in two of the ingredients and presence of Chlorophyll in three of the plants.


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