Yeah,it is a new year again! It is 2019! 2018 was an amazing food and travel year,food particularly;food recipes,food articles,health talk,travel and tourism articles. Thank you for following through with us in 2018. Can we please do this again in 2019? Yes we can and yes you would!

Believe me,2019 will be filled with more food recipes, food stories,food articles, travel stories,places,tourism articles,travel journals and experiences.
Oh my gosh! 2019,I plan to have more cups of tea,red wine, unsweetened yoghurt, eat more dark chocolate, slices of dried toast, and sandwich, how did I forget chicken 😳😌.

So cheers to more cups of your favorite drink(s) and food! May your 2019 be filled with good health and general wellness to enjoy all the food and drinks that you love and to travel to all/some of the places that you love and have ever dreamed of or to have general wellness to just read about them before you can afford to travel to those places. Talking of travel,I still wish to take a tour round Nigeria, I still dream of visiting Spain and Greece! Maybe that will happen in 2019,just maybe. Happy 2019, foodies in Nigeria and all over the world. Many love and hugs from Sophyfoodblog.

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