On Friday was International tea day (15,December, 2017). One of the greatest food discovery man has ever made, which was discovered accidentally by the Chinese around 2500BC. One of the reasons for longevity of the Asians particularly the Chinese can be attributed to their tea drinking culture.

Tea brewing

Tea is not meant to be taken with milk and sugar, it loses some of its essence and value when it is taken with milk and sugar. This habit of taking milk and sugar with tea was started by a British Princess or a princess from a royal family in Britain and since then this trend has been followed around the world.

Sopyfoodblog Happy World Tea Day
Happy World Tea day

Some teas that are regarded as tea are not actually tea but herbal infusion but could still be regarded as tea because it is usually packaged in form of tea (tea bag) and is prepared almost the same way as tea.

I could go on and on about tea but would stop here especially since the passion is turning to a career path.
I think tea should be looked into as one of the key to healthy living.




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