Let us have a little conversation on detox tea/detox herb especially in the age where detox tea is becoming very popular and is seen as cure for a lot of body related issues, of course,some are untrue while some are actually backed with fact and truth.
 There are some tea/herbal infusion or even plant you can use to detox like bitter leaf plant, scent leaf,turmeric roots,rosemary plant,fennel seeds among many other plants, some of these plants can even be combined together.
When you detox your system,it reduces the chances of falling sick from some health issues because detox removes some dirty and toxic from your system particularly the digestive system. Detox tea/herbal infusion make you feel lighter.
It cleans your system inside out ,there be giving you a better looking skin.
When choosing a detox tea/drink/herbal infusion,it is very important to know the materials used in making it because not all detox tea are organic particularly detox tea from some part of the world that has been made for Africa market particularly Nigeria with the sole aim of just making profit.

Some Nigeria tea makers are producing great detox tea by the way.

Detox doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose so much weight especially if you have a poor diet or you eat a lot of processed food or junk like me,it might just help keep your weight in a bit of a check depending on your body system. For example I know my weight has nt blown up so much because of the amount of tea (not just detox tea) I take.
On that note,it is best to take tea/drink/herbs infusion that are purely organic.


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