People always wonder the difference between sugar and honey? Sugar is simple carbohydrate that has passed through artificial processing. While honey is a sweetener naturally gotten from bees,or the excrete of bees.


Even though both are sweet and are carbohydrates,honey helps a lot more than sugar, and you do not need as much honey as you would of sugar to make something or any substance sweet, so honey helps reduce your intake of carbohydrate in form of sugar and honey does not raise one’s blood sugar level as sugar does if used moderately.


It is very important to note that honey should not be used beyond room temperature to get the best from it and it should not be taken when very hot or when exposed to too much heat because when it is,it changes to another substance which is more difficult to digest.

Everyday people around the world use honey for their beverages like tea and coffee,it is best not to add the honey in the cup before adding the hot water,pour in your hot water and allow it to shimmer or cool down a bit before adding your honey (best if it’s the last item added). By so doing,you reduce the possibility of the hot water destroying the enzymes in the honey.

Tea and honey

It has been widely said and read that honey helps with weight loss, this statement is a bit tricky especially if one of your main aim of taking honey is to lose weight even though honey is by far better than sugar.  Our body type are different, what might work for one person might not work for another in specific regards to honey as a weight loss therapy. This is also because honey is still a form of sugar and if you are over weight already or having issues with diabetes, it’s not so advisable to do the honey weight loss therapy, one’s doctor consultation is needed here.

   Uses of Honey
1. Mixing raw egg and honey is good for cleaning and expanding the  vocal cord.

2. Applying raw honey on the face, serves as a food facial for the skin. It helps smoothen the skin; helps with rash and acne,  among other benefits to the skin. Check out one of pur home facial scrub recipe on this blog Home made facial scrub

3. It serves as an antioxidant .

4. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey combination helps with cold flu in the body  although you can take the honey without the lemon juice in it if you want.

5. Taking 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey at bed time helps one sleep better. This helps with people suffering from insomnia, own can add honey to camomile tea to drink at night.

6. Applying raw honey to wounds also helps it heal faster.

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  1. I’m already forming a debate in regards to the benefits of honey after I read the title. I was surely misled by it. Thankfully, I’ve finished reading it until the end.


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