Just a lazy holiday kind of day,I just want to make something quick and probably sleep all day. I had beef broth already in the fridge, and I had another fresh beef broth from beef I boiled yesterday, didn’t want to waste it, so decided to use it for my plain rice recipe then another idea came to my head, make it more spicy 😀😀 and that’s how Cameroon pepper rice was born.

Cameroon Pepper Rice


Raw rice

Beef broth

Cameroon pepper grinded powder


1.Put some water in a pot, add your beef broth, add some salt, bring to a boil and let it boil a little, add in your raw rice. Put heat on lowest.

2. When the rice is half boiled, add in your grinded powdered Cameroon pepper.

3. Bring food to a ready point and your Cameron pepper rice is ready to be served.

Cameroon Pepper rice served with pepper sauce & beef

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