It is important to note that the kind of oil you use to make lemon oil depends on what you want to use it for; skin or cooking or kitchen use.

For example if you want to use it for your skin, its best you use coconut oil,olive oil and any other good oil that is very good for the skin and is for the skin.

If you want to use it for cooking and in the kitchen, of course any good subtle oil that would not overshadow the lemon zest is important.


1. Three to four lemons (more if you want).
2. 500ml of oil. ( I used pure vegetable oil because its for cooking)


* Grate the outer lemon skin off the body ( lemon zest)
* put your lemon zest in a container and then pour your measured oil over it.
* stir it a little/ shake a little; this is to help the lemon zest incorporate with the oil, its not so necessary.

* Cover it and store in a cool place for one week to two weeks. ( if you do not have so much time to wait, one week is enough really).

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