Ways to use lemon oil
*  Lemon cake; try using lemon oil to make a lemon cake or adding a little of lemon oil for a regular vanilla cake if you are using a oil recipe for your cake and taste how your cake will spice up a little.
* Add a little lemon oil to spice up your white rice although you can also use the oil
* For spicing up your fried egg or egg sauce, instead of using the regular vegetable oil or regular oil,try using this to fry your eggs.
* For frying your pancakes
* Lemon oil can help soothe digestive problems like constipation which is not far from the truth because of the high dose of vitamin C it contains.
* Lemon oil can be used for aromatherapy functions because of the nice zesty scent it has which also helps in lifting the spirit; just pour a little in a small container or wherever you want and let it infuse with the air,you could even mix it with other essential oil like lavender oil and rose oil that are aromatherapeutic .It can also be added to your bath tub water.
* If you add just one drip of lemon oil to the bottom of your feet,it can provide hours can give some amount of relief. You can mix this with peppermint oil to increase blood circulation.
*  For any kind of sauce or vegetable sauce, you could try using lemon oil sometimes.
* Lemon oil could also be used for massage; that is the lemon oil for skin.
* Lemon oil is also a great oil for skin care ,it can be added to your skin products that’s if you  followed the lemon oil recipe for skin care.
I would not be able to say much about the benefits of lemon oil because I am not a certified nutritionist but having spoken to a certified nutritionist and done a lot of research on the nutritional value of lemon oil ,it is safe to say lemon oil does have a high nutritional value ,has high vitamin C nutrient;it is said to even have more vitamin C than lemon juice  ,calcium ,B- complex ,potassium and fiber.
For link on the recipe for making lemon  oil ; http://sophyfoodblog.com/how-to-make-home-made-lemon-oil/


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