Lemon grass is a loaded plant and some of the benefits has been said about lemongrass already on sophyfoodblog, click this link to read

Making Lemongrass infused oil

You need a good carrier oil depending on what you want to use it for; for instance either cooking or skin/body care.

I decided to use mine for skin and body care because it is great for the skin after researching so much about it. I can personally testify that I got lighter after two weeks of using the lemongrass oil I made myself, I am not so much of a cream person,so on that note I decided to use it almost every night or nights I remember when I want to sleep and most especially on days when I know I will be indoors. It is also important to note that mosquitoes hate the smell of lemongrass, so you might actually sleep better should in case you have mosquitoes by any chance in your room; I usually apply the lemongrass all over my body on some days for that reason



Olive oil

fresh leaves of shredded lemon grass


Put the shredded lemongrass in the olive oil bottle or container and leave in a cool place for about two weeks or more.

After two weeks, drain the oil in a sieve and remove the lemongrass leaves as well, store in a bottle or container.

This can also be used for a massage oil. You can also add this oil to warm water and soak your leg in for a pedicure treatment




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