What is not to love about you?!
This beautiful, not-so-young, wild and free city right in the heart of Holland(Netherlands), reeks of adventure-pure unadulterated, adventure. You could be whoever you want to be and no one will bat an eyelid.
I visited Amsterdam about 5 weeks ago and stayed right at the city central.
The city got its name from the Amstel river and the dam built in 1220 to avoid floods. I learned this from the canal tour I took which is a great activity I would recommend for all tourists, you get to view the city from a different angle.
This great city has over 165 canals and about 1280 bridges! The most famous bridge is the skinny bridge which opens approximately every 20 minutes to let boats in.
Amsterdam was once surrounded by defensive walls, which was used for protection against attacks. The remains still lie around and can be seen in some canals.
One of the first things you notice about this city is the amount of bicycles in it!! This makes it the most popular means of transportation, used by all, regardless of class.
Make sure to rent a bike and take a ride in Amsterdam-the city of bicycles! It is possible there are more bicycles than humans in this city 🤣.
This should not scare you.. It is very safe as bicycle lanes are properly mapped out on the roads.
Amsterdam is bubbly all day long but there is a special glow at night. With the legalization of cannabis popularly known as “weed”, it’s a city filled with young tourists mostly having the time of their lives.
Weed is sold in coffee shops and is never sold alongside alcohol. This means you will not find a bar that sells alcohol and weed concurrently. As in all cities, drug peddlers are likely to approach you to strike a bargain and sell some off. Weed laced snack, cakes, candies, finger foods etc are sold everywhere.
Rastafarians can also be sighted ever so often along the streets.
The very famous and world renowned red light district is a very fascinating tourist attraction and comes alive from almost midnight till dawn. I even went to see a live sex show, of course for research purposes only! 😉😉
All sorts of sex enhancers are openly in display from lingerie to sex toys to aphrodisiacs to great looking female sex workers, just name it!


Popular architecture is the tilted looking houses which was built for wealthy bankers back in the day and doubles as live in plus office space. Because of how they are built, the only way to install furniture or household property in the house or remove them is to take them in through the windows not up through the staircase.
Also very common to see are the house boats on canals that must be repainted every three years by law.
A great activity is to eat dinner aboard any of these, with friends whilst watching activites all around the perimeter.
There is also the popular Madam Tussauds right at the Dam square, in the middle of the city. This is a wax museum which holds and displays a collection of waxed figures of celebrities from way back.
Right at the middle of Dam square are pigeons which is quite interesting to watch and feed, some other entertaining activites go on there.
Don’t forget to visit the ice bar for some drinks. This is a very colorful bar where everything from the walls to the floor is made of glass.
There are plenty other interesting bars all over the city. Some in the heart of the Red light district, offer live sex shows with drinks.
Always remember as a rule of thumb applicable to all tourist cities that prices of food and everything else is more expensive at the city central. So it is cheaper to eat or shop downtown.
The crime rate despite the legalization of pot is very low. Amsterdam is relatively a very safe city but of course personal security measures must be put in place by everyone.
As a popular saying goes, one is more likely to die of an accident from a bicycle in Amsterdam than dying of anything else😂😂.

The locals are very friendly and speak English, note that the average dutch person speaks at least 4 languages including English, this makes Netherlands a great travel destination.

                          One gorgeous and fun city ticked off my bucket list!!🙌🏾
 I will be writing about Geneva, Switzerland soon..Please stay glued.



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