What is your plan for November 24th-25th? I think you might want to consider putting this as an action plan in your calendar because it promises the needed relaxation you need, lots of fun,games ,food and snacks at a token price of 15 thousand Naira or 25 thousand Naira depending on which of the package you choose to go with.
One of our most sought after getaway is the getaway/camping at Ilashe island in Lagos state. The island is located on the same stretch of island with Tarkwa Bay, the name Ilashe is the name of the community at this island.
For the Ilashe getaway coming up on the November 24th to 25th , Saturday to Sunday; we will access the island with a boat ride from marina, 3 meals plus snacks will be served, and lots of drinking and partying for those interested, lots of board games will be available and there will be time for group games too, evening session will include bornfire and group game, bonding time and networking is also encouraged during our stay. One island, two boats ride, three meals, 26 participant, in tuned with nature at its best, music, and dance  and lots of game.
Participants fee is 15k if you choose to share a tent, 25k if you choose to share a room.  For more requires, further questions and to make payment contact the social media handles below or give a call to the phone number  below.
Twitter @onyenjem
Instagram @onyenjem
Phone no: 08169664513


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