1. It is already a known fact I love food and a lot of times I love to try something new,go new places to eat,any ways that’s how I took myself to a Lebanese restaurant on Lagos Island the other day and I had a nice experience. One thing I discovered is that the Lebanese serve good food in large portion ,so prepare to be fully well fed with any food serving you get most of the time in any Lebanese restaurant you find yourself. I had to pack some of the food in a take away after forcing myself to eat most of it ūüôą.

Jumbo prawns in mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes

    Jumbo prawns in mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes

So I had jumbo prawns in Mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes,a little side vegetable salad, pineapple apple juice and a hot cup of Ahmad detox tea; of course I brought my tea bags from home while the hot water was provided by the restaurant.

The food tasted really great,the jumbo prawns in mushroom sauce was really delicious,I loved the taste of the mashed potatoes especially when eaten with the jumbo prawns.

Pineapple orange juice and a cup of Ahmad detox tea



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