Lemon! Zesty!. Lemon is among one of the most powerful and useful fruit on earth for various reasons. Why is that sour sweet fruit treasured so much all over the world?

Aside from the fact that it is used to make a refreshing lemonade drink that prevents one from eating too much when it is drank before meal or during meal because it makes one feel fuller,not forgetting the zesty tastiness of the drink. With just one lemon ,one can have a full cup of lemonade drink or even more by just adding cold water,usually I advise against adding sugar to it ,not withstanding ,some people still to it,the most I personally add is honey because its a healthier alternative .

Lemon is packed with so much vitamin C that it aids with relieving constipation just like orange does . You suffering from constipation,and there is available lemon at home ,make a warm lemon juice of it or lemonade and drink a full glass of it and notice the constipation ease off. (This has been tested and proven right by me).

Because of the abundance of Vitamin C lemon has ,lemon also aids with digestion, in fact some people combine warm lemon water and honey or just have warm lemon water only every morning for a certain period of time to have a flat stomach. It does not only aid with giving one a flat stomach,it also aids with weight loss ,one of the reasons of this is because of the acidity of lemon. This is very effective even though I am not a great fan of this because of the side effect of lemon water if consumed too much over a very long period of time for people trying to conceive or who are yet to give birth, balancing and knowing when to stop is very important but some people turn it to a lifestyle habit( it’s fine if you are not worried about conceiving)

You constantly have black or brown patches on your potatoes during boiling and after boiling and you do not like it? In the cooking water pot of potatoes, add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice or more depending on the size of the pot and quantity of potatoes you are boiling.

To freshen up and give a place a zesty smell, place the fresh peels of lemon around wherever you want ,ensure to take the peels out once it totally dried out.

Talking of smell, you do not like the smell of your kitchen? Squeeze fresh lemon juice around the kitchen especially in corners,this also drives ant away from the juice is been squeezed and as well around it.

To have a whiter cloth and lemon fresh smelling cloths as well, add lemon juice to your wash water.

People spread fresh lemon juice on the face or mix it up with honey to get a lighter or fairer skin complexion, this has also been researched to help with dark spots.

Lemon and honey for cold flu. Make a warm lemon drink and add some honey and take for a period of time until you feel much better ,this does work. To go the extra mile,one can add in fresh peppermint leafs to lemon and honey or just add peppermint herbal infusion to the lemon and honey mix.

Let’s not forget the culinary benefits of lemon, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice can be added to butter cream to give it a zesty flavour ,one can even decide to add more than one teaspoon or as much you like.

One can also make a lemon cake out of a lemon,yes,lemon cake is also so tasteful.

To give your fish ,meat,turkey ,chicken, more flavour ,you can soak them in lemon water for some minutes or as long as you can, then fry ,grill or barbeque afterwards. Or one can just squeeze some fresh juice on meat/fish/chicken and just grill or barbeque at once.

A teaspoon or tablespoon of lemon juice can also be added to a frying oil.

One can also add fresh lemon juice to black tea,green tea or white tea,usually I do this every once in a while and there is usually no need to even add honey or sugar to my tea.

Lemon is also good for immune system and respiratory system because of the high level of vitamin C it contains.

Even the peel/back of lemon can also be used for herbal tea because of its benefits as well; lemon back/peel which has the high does of vitamin C. One recipe for lemon peel is to wash the lemons well, take the skin and put in warm or room temperature water for 5-6 mins and are ready to drink

Tequila! You want to enjoy your tequila more? Add lemon juice to it or lemon slice(s).

Yes, you can add lemon juice to or lemon slices to your hibiscus drink (zobo) or Chapman.

An older friend once told me that ,if you do not want a sticky rice or you do not want your rice to stick together during cooking and after cooking ,add some fresh lemon juice to the cooking rice.

Key points
1. Lemon water for stomach reduction and weight loss.

2. Lemon cake.

3. Lemon for digestion and constipation.

4. Lemon juice for grilling,baking ,barbeque and frying.

5. Lemon juice for white potatoes.

6. Lemon juice for flavored butter cream.

7. Lemon juice for skin lightening and dark spots.

8. Lemon juice for a whiter and lemon smelling cloths.

9. Lemon juice/slices for tequila, Chapman, and hibiscus drink (zobo)

10. Lemon juice for a non stick rice

11. Lemon juice for tea and herbal infusion

12. Lemon peel for a zesty smelling room or place.

13. Lemon for Vitamin C,immune boosting

14. Lemon for respiratory system

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