Hi beautiful people. I trust the year has been going amazingly well for you guys. If it’s not,just keep believing it will turn out amazing and work towards it.

So I will be having conversations  centered around chocolate  this July. I did part one of this, check it out before we go further on part two which is “benefits of chocolate”,  if you have not click here to read

Benefits of chocolate 

I would be focusing on dark chocolates and pure cocoa powder because  that’s where the real benefit of cocoa lies in because  there is no much sugar or milk  content in it to reduce the potency  of the healthy benefits of cocoa. This is one of the main reasons I go for dark chocolate  and a cup of pure cocoa drink most times although I indulge myself in other types of chocolate  once in a while.
Dark chocolate  is packed with healthy minerals such as potassium, zinc and sorotonine, copper, magnesium and Iron.
Dark chocolate and cocoa powder helps with weight loss, yes chocolate,I know,  I know you are wondering how that works? So for a certain period at some point in my life, I usually take a cup of hot chocolate  drink made with only pure cocoa powder, I put just about one table spoon of cocoa powder in a cup of hot water. I noticed that after a cup is  taken, my craving for food is less and I feel a bit fuller and I also noticed when I was consistent with this for a month, there was actually a weight loss experienced.
Dark chocolate  or cocoa powder  is one of the food with the highest amount of flavonols which can also be called antioxidant; antioxidant  helps fight radical in the cells and prevents growth of some disease. Flavonols also helps on the fight against cardisvasular disease.
Flavonols helps in protecting the skin against sun damage although one still needs to be take extra added measure against sun burn and darkening of the skin by the sun.  Flavonols help or promote anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy.
Feel good and better;  chocolate  makes one feel good. Chocolate  makes one feel good.  Chocolate  contains phenylethylamine (PEA)  which is the same chemical  that your brain  creates when you feel like you are following in love.  PEA encourages  your brain to release feel good endorphims.
The feel good feeling good feeling chocolate  gives also indirectly helps with depression. Chocolate  is also pressumed to reduce stress especially  in expectant mothers.
 Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food,  a reliable source of consolation when life puts us through a lot of stress. It’s a good mood-enhancer and romance inducer.


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