Either short or long rice are used to makes various rice dishes, which is one of the most common food eaten in Nigeria; jollof rice,fried rice ,or white rice or whatever it is made into like the uncommon curry rice ,pineapple rice etc.

Why is this so? Rice is easy to prepare or kind of straightforward especially if it is white rice.  White rice can be eaten with sauce, stew, and even with local dishes like bitterleaf soup,Egusi, Edikong, Banga soup although most times in Nigeria ,white rice is even usually eaten with stew (stew made mainly from pepper, tomato, onions ). You can use this link to view Nigerian stew recipe NIGERIAN STEW RECIPE
White rice
There are different sizes of rice grain particular the short and long rice as it is called in the market that some people are not aware of.
Short rice cooks faster (gets ready fast) than long rice. While long rice is best used for delicate rice recipes like the likes of fried rice and jollof rice because when it is done ,it tends not to get mushed unlike the short rice which tends to stick more together than the long rice.
Also short rice is sweeter in taste naturally than long rice, so your choice depends on how you want your rice and what you want to use it for.


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