Hi Guys! It’s been a very long while!! I have been busy and to be honest a bit lazy.

Today, lets talk about love locks. Love locks AKA love padlocks is a creative way couples symbolize their love for each other using a padlock. These padlocks are locked to a significant public object, like a bridge or a place of importance as a sign of their love. This form of expression of love, is mostly done by tourists also as an international symbol of love, devotion and the entire fireworks of love.

After the padlock is locked, the keys are thrown away into a body of water, a river or a lake to further symbolize the strength of their love, their commitment to being together and how unbreakable their love is. Love Padlocks have been traced to centuries ago however it has grown significantly in the last decades and are in some cases seen as litter and vandalism by the authorities. It is said to have become popular again due to a fictional event in a book by an Italian Author “I want you”.

Personally, I find them very colourful, beautiful and sweet, if they do work however is not up for debate but it surely does help improve the romantic aura amongst lovers I have seen putting up theirs.
Around the sites where these padlocks are put up, there are usually a lot of street vendors who display their wares of padlocks in different shapes, colours and sizes. Couples get to carve their names on the padlock just before choosing a spot to hang them up. Some couples are prepared and come with theirs ready to be hung up.

Padlocks typically used for these are also sold in tourist shops all over, in cities that have love locks.
Unpopular (logical) opinion is that these are an eyesore, for those hung on bridges their weights are affecting these bridges or even barges, the padlocks will eventually rust making them lose their supposedly aesthetic value and the tonnes of keys thrown into the rivers are polluting the water ways.
Some countries already have dedicated love lock sculptures created specifically just for this purpose. In Moscow, Russia and Seoul, South Korea they already exist. This goes halfway to meet ideaologies of logical thinkers and romantics.

Photographs of a few love locks I have seen in Europe;

  1. Because Paris is the city of Love, the Love Padlock on Pont des Arts Bridge is the most popular one in the world. Weighing over 340 pounds just in one rail!





2. Berlin-Friedrichshain (Berlin Wall)

3. The popular Ponte Milvio Bridge, Rome Inspired by a fictional event in a book by an Italian Author “ I want you”.

Rumored to have also led to the resurrection of the lock syndrome in Europe

4. Somewhere on the streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia, I sighted a budding Love lock

5. Eiserner Steg, Frankfurt, Germany. Very popular tourist attraction.

Love locks are beautiful and while the thought behind it is awesome, be careful with the authorites as more stringent rules are being put in place with heavy fines as penalty for defaulters. If you choose to do this, be careful and be sure it is not illegal.

Personally, I have not put up any myself-at least not yet. I am so sure I will though, eventually, Lol! waiting for the “one”.

See you some time soon, Adios, Lovers!



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