So I met up the beautiful Oluwatoni Ipinlaiye , a caterer, event planner and business woman(she owns a perfume business as well).

She had her higher education in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko Ondo State, finishing with a degree in History and international studies. So one might wonder why catering?
Sophyfoodblog: so what made you go into catering and what aspect of catering are you into?
Miss Oluwatoni: Just passion, nothing else. And just Nigerian dishes for now although I want to go into continental dishes,pastries and go to a culinary school when  I am able to get funds for it.
Sophyfoodblog: what culinary school would you like to attend?
Miss Oluwatoni: Red dish chronicles  in Gbagada Lagos state, he is very good at what he does.
Sophyfoodblog: How does it feel like being a graduate yet you are into catering and doing other businesses instead of a white collar job?
Miss Oluwatoni:  Right from when I was a kid,and before I gained admission into the university, I have always been business oriented and a hard working person. It has been  business from the scratch and my family are very much aware of that.
Sophyfoodblog:  what particular food do you love to Cook the most or that you enjoy cooking?
Miss Oluwatoni: I enjoy cooking every kind of meal I can cook,there is no particular food I do not enjoy cooking. I just feel happy when I cook. My mum never forced us to cook ,so I enjoy every part of it because I was not forced.
Sophyfoodblog: what’s your favorite food?
Miss Oluwatoni: I do not have any favorite food, maybe rice because I do not get tired of it.
Sophyfoodblog: what has been your most memorable experience in the catering business so far?
Miss Oluwatoni: Everyday has been memorable ,learnt a lot of lessons, met several like minds  like me,and I have just been me.
Sophyfoodblog: How do you cope combining your perfume business with catering business?
Miss Oluwatoni: I have the ability to cope with any business that comes my way,so its not been so difficult.
Sophyfoodblog: Which part of Nigeria do you operate from?
Miss Oluwatoni: Surulere ,Lagos state.
Sophyfoodblog: Can I have your business contact and handles where you can be reached ?
Miss Oluwatoni: facebook;Oluwatoni Ipinlaiye. Facebook and Instagram handle; mistiscentbytoni. Business line: 07065209520, 07011676964 (strictly for business).
Sophyfoodblog: Your parting words?
Miss Oluwatoni:  Do whatever you want to immediately the thought comes into your mind,take risk,never procrastinate and just be  you. Never change who you are for anyone and you will see how things will work for you .


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