My Christmas story of 2018 began at 3am,typically as a baker and caterer,I had food and cake orders to deliver on Christmas day.

At about past 4am,sweet smelling aroma of fruit cake was coming out of the oven,filling the kitchen with a fruit cake.
And that was how my morning went on from grating carrots,slicing cabbage and lettuce in bits to rinsing of kidney beans and sweet corn ,among many other stuff I did to make a really rich salad.
Is not Christmas about love? The birth of the greatest love mankind has ever witnessed. Sometimes what’s Christmas without getting a little show of that love in human form or from other fellow  human (s)? It could be in gift or just been with someone you love or surrounded by people.
At about 8am ,I received my first ever Christmas gift,I mean! I am serious, my first ever Christmas gift and it was from an online friend on Twitter and someone I have never met before, I was surprised ,it freaked me out. Just in case you might be reading this article, I am saying a big big thank you,THANK YOU, many hugs from me,thank you for choosing to put a smile on me. Wondering what my twitter handle is? Search for Jeromesophia6 and please do follow.
At about 10am,I had breakfast of baguette (French bread)with Mayonnaise and a cup of green tea infused with freshly squeezed orange juice.
After breakfast,I prepared Paela rice, I made small chops too, among other cooking I did.
But really Christmas is also for eating great food and maybe loads of it too, I mean, it is the day set aside for the birthday of Jesus, and the other  time I have an excuse to indulge is on my birthday ,that is if I will be waiting that long to indulge myself with food, I am a helpless foodie ,I can not help it.
So I had paelle rice with salad,chicken,small chops,fruit cake,yoghurt ,red wine and strawberries for  lunch, yeah it was an amazing lunch.
I had a long nap after that, and I work afterwards surfing the net and keeping up with friends and family  on my phone. So my day was almost like a typical day,aside from the food I indulged myself in and the Christmas gift I got.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas though? You could write to me or send me an article about how your day went to my blog email at sophyfoodblog@gmail


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