My food story; APPLE. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
I was  sick awhile back, down with serious cold,cough and had a running nose and I still had to work and do a lot of activities that had to be done which means I was also stressed out.
I spotted some green fresh apples which attracted me and I bought one on one of those sick days.

Just one apple I ate made my cough and cold flu better ,I had two more apples and my cold flu and cough healed faster.

Of course the cough and cold didn’t totally heal but there was over 100 percent improvement in my health and even in terms of stress relief.

Not to say much again,check out some of the health findings I got from the research I did on apples.
Apples are high in vitamin C which helps to increase immunity against infections and diseases and vitamin C helps particularly in fighting cold flu.
Apples particularly red apples help in stress relief.
 Apples also help in terms of asthma by making those with breathing issues feel better because of the phytochemicals and polyphenols it contains.



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