Sometimes I don’t really want do much in the kitchen,I just want to spend as little time as possible in it yet I crave a meal that might require more time that is not the freezer/fridge, so that’s how I created my lazy pepper soup recipe.



1.  Pepper soup spice mix (got this already mixed pepper soup spice from the market for days like when I don’t want to grind my spices myself)

2. Tea Masala

3. Salt

4. Grinded Black pepper

5. Dried chilli pepper

6. Cat fish (You can use any protein you want really).

7. Water

Nope,I didn’t add any seasoning but you can add that in if you want. I didn’t also measure my ingredients,I added each ingredients as my heart wanted 😂🤣,it’s lazy recipe remember?

My lazy pepper soup


Add some water to a pot, add in your cat fish/protein, add all the ingredients to the pot as well. Reduce the heat of the gas cooker to the lowest, so the fish can cook up slowly while absorbing the ingredients in it,so the fish is tasteful as well. When it’s fish/protein is well cooked,then you serve and enjoy your lazy pepper soup 😉.

You can check the blog page for other pepper soup recipes.


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