Today, let us talk about Tea and my recent Tea experience (TeaXperience) in the United States.
I refer to my tea as Agbo or simply ‘My Pepper soup in a Tea Cup’ because of how spicy I like my tea. Drinking the right tea is so beneficial that non-tea drinkers don’t know what they are missing.
There are different types of teas, and they come in different flavors, blends and are manufactured by different tea makers. Notable Tea Makers are Lipton, Twining, Ahmad, Bigelow, Tazo, etc. For most of us, our love started with Lipton when we were kids. I always liked drinking Lipton as a kid growing up in Warri, I found the taste unique and the tea being inside a teabag fascinated me. I always wondered why Bournvita or Coffee were not packaged that way.
So, out of curiosity, my romance with tea started and has blossomed over the years, now, I am hooked to tea!!!
I can be very adventurous with my teas, and you won’t be wrong if you call me a Tea Mixologist (TeaXologist) because I try out different combos to experiment with how it will taste and sometimes, I attempt to use my tea to treat an ailment. For example, Garlic is a great antioxidant and can help to boost the immune system. Hence, garlic can be used to treat the common cold or flu.
Another is Ginger which contains Gingerol, a substance with potent medicinal properties. Hence, a combo of Ginger and Garlic can be used to treat the common cold, flu and to boost your immune system because of their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Other uses of Ginger are in the treatment of nausea, lowering of blood pressure, heart function improvement, morning sickness, aids in treating indigestion, lowers cholesterol, muscle pain reduction, soreness reduction, menstrual pain reduction in women, etc. Seeing these benefits, I am sure you understand why I never run out of Ginger and Garlic in the house.. What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!!!
picture of ginger and garlic
In the past two weeks, I’ve been away in the US. Can you guess the first thing I packed before leaving Nigeria? YES!!!, you got it, my tea packs!!!  I took with me Chamomile, Mint, Ginger/Garlic mix, Lemon and Mint. During the flight, due to the cold and associated pressure challenges, I had several cups of tea to try to warm myself up. I tried black tea, Lipton tea and Raspberry, but I was still cold, I had to bring out my Garlic/Ginger combo and voila!!!, I got instant relief. And that combo became my pal all through this trip.
A cup of Tea made from Classic Green and English Breakfast Teas
I spent the first week in Houston and the next in New Jersey but made in-roads into New York. The weather in Houston is tropical and can pass for Nigerian weather, so, I didn’t have any issue adjusting to the weather, so, I let down my guard and started experimenting with different tea blends.
Pack of Chai Tea
I saw Tazo tea for the first time, I think. And it has different blends and has an aromatic smell. I fell in love with Tazo tea and became a fan of the Tazo Chai tea. This blend is made of a combo of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, Orange peels, nutmeg and Black Pepper. The different constituents have beneficial properties; hence, this tea is loaded!!!  Cinnamon is highly medicinal has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, help to improve the heart function, etc. While Cardamom has diuretic properties, contains Cancer-fighting compounds, helps to lower blood pressure, helps with digestion and ulcers, etc. All the other constituents have their own benefits which you can check up on the internet. With this tea pack, I enjoyed my TeaXperience in the US. From Houston to New Jersey and New York, I went everywhere with my pack of Tazo Chai Tea ~ My Travel Buddy. Sometimes, I spiced it up by adding grated Ginger and Garlic to the Chai Tea, and the taste is indescribably awesome!!!
A cup of Chai infused with ground Turmeric,grated Ginger and Garlic and a touch of Honey
When it was time to return to Nigeria, I went tea-shopping, you can imagine the TeaXperience. I was all over the place picking, replacing, comparing brands and tea blends. I initially planned to spend thirty minutes tea-shopping, I ended up spending over three hours due to varieties of teas on display and my desire to get the right tea combo. After the hassles of going back and forth, I ended up getting Tazo Chai, Simply Balanced Zen, Raspberry Hibiscus, Earl grey and a couple other Green and Black Teas.
Shelf Containing different Tea Brands
I am back in Nigeria and will continue being a TeaXologist with my different tea packs, and of course, I will continue blogging about the awesome benefits of these teas to spread the TeaGospel.
Having a cup of Tea during the Trip back to Nigeria from the USA
Do not forget to check back for another article on how to improve your health using the right tea mix. Do you know there are teas that help with improving sexual performance in men and women. You do not need to abuse Tramadol or take Paraga to improve your sexual performance. You just need the right tea combo and you will be firing on all cylinders in the Oza Room. My next article will be on improving sexual performance with teas. This is especially important seeing how the youths abuse Tramadol and Paraga, these have negative side-effects such as destroying the liver, kidney, heart attack, etc. Do not endanger yourself, when all you need is just have a cup of tea, and you are ready to go!!!
Dr. Chu Yiong Tee,
Guest Writer, Sophyfoodblog.


TeaGospel – Coined by Tobore Gbemre
TeaXologist – Coined by Tobore Gbemre
TeaXperience –  Coined by Tobore Gbemre


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