My name is Sophia Jerome,I love Tea and herbal infusions so much but it did not start in recent years, I think my love for Tea has been for over Ten years now because even when I was in the university and I had no one to influence my choice of food or eating,I still found myself buying several packs of tea,waking up and starting my day with a cup of tea after prayers most times.
But my Tea story did not start Ten years ago as well. It started way before that,my memory can remember as far back as when I was 11/12 years old(I might even have been younger) and my father used to have his tea every morning,he would leave a little in his cup for me to drink few times,yeah,I looked forward to those few times until I realized I could make my own tea myself and have a full cup to myself or maybe until I was allowed to do that,I can not specifically remember which.
 My passion for tea drinking,tea collections, mugs collection and everything that had to do with tea grew so much like an obsession that I decided to start a tea business and brand called “The Tea Orb”. Follow the tea orb on IG @theteaorb
I also always looked forward to connecting and meeting other Tea lovers that I thought of a Tea hangout which has snowballed to a wonder partnership with another Tea lover who owns a tea brand called “Tamela food and Tea” @tamelafoodandtea .
This is part of my Tea story. I will share more as time goes on.
See you on the 27th-28th of April, 11am at lasgidi green fest for the Naija Tea hangout. I look forward to connecting with Tea lovers.


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