Tea is an important beverage in the world and it is the second most consumed drink after water. Drinking tea comes with lots of benefits such as anti-oxidant, detoxification and several health benefits, however, the culture of tea drinking is not popular among Nigerians.
Naija Tea Hangout is set out to promote and grow tea culture in Nigeria hence, our desire is for Nigerians to cultivate the habits of drinking tea such as the Indians and Chinese that have a vast tea drinking culture. Also, we desire for Nigerians to see that drinking of tea could be fun and at the same time of extreme benefits to their overall well-being..
Naija Tea Hangout online flyer
It was in this notion Naija Tea Hangout organized its first tea awareness through a “2-day free open day tea event” at the Centre for Management Development (CMD), Magodo on the 27th to 28th of April, 2019 where we showcased over 30 brands of tea; Over 20 international brands and 10 national brands including products from “The Tea Orb and Tamela Food & Tea”. One of the foreign brands include Ahmad Tea London.
The free tea event created opportunities for tea lovers to network and engaged in various intellectual conversations whilst, the event introduced several herbal infusions otherwise known as herbal tea with complementary confectioneries to Nigerians.
Naija Tea Hangout is a unique brand set out to promote good tea culture and overall well-being’s among Nigerians. It is a collaborative efforts between two (2) great startup national tea brands namely The Tea Orb and Tamela Food & Tea. While The Tea Orb is owned and managed by a young and dynamic  female entrepreneur Sophia JEROME, Tamela Food & Tea is a tea brand from Agricmedia Communications Limited with Oluwafemi ABIOYE as the MD/CEO.
MD of Tea Orb;Jerome Sophia and MD of Tamela food and Tea; Mr. Oluwafemi Abioye
It was really a “tealicious” experience as Nigerians especially tea lovers treated themselves to a healthy free tea and herbal infusion while coffee lovers not left behind.
The event had the sponsorship of Ahmad tea, the tea company supplied us with many tea gifts including the new classic black tea, tea mugs,shirts, exercise books and many more gift items to give to some of the attendees of the Naija tea hangout.
We look forward to achieving the set goals of improving the health of Nigerians through good tea culture.
Miss Jerome Sophia; MD Tea Orb,beside some of the teas at the event
This article was written by Miss Sophia Jerome



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